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Tea for Balanced Body Cycles-
(100% Natural & Pure | Clinically Proven | Advanced Formulation)
Evidence based benefits of HER Tea- PCOS & PCOD Relief, Regularizes Menstrual Cycle, Improves Ovarian Function, Healthy & Balanced Hormones, Regulates Metabolism & Weight, Controls Acne & Hair Loss
Ingredients – Unique blend of premium quality 13 herbs that are clinically proven to balance hormones and work as periods medicines. 100% Vegetarian, No Sugar and No Caffeine.
No side-effects – this powerful ayurvedic PCOS & PCOD drink for women has zero side effects
How to use – 1. Add 1 tsp (approx. 2.5 g), 2. Leave / boil for 5 mins to brew, 3. Strain and then consume
Approved by Ayurvedic Doctors for period pain relief and as irregular periods medicine
Backed by months of extensive research done by leading experts & multiple quality checks, HER Tea helps cherish your inner self.



PCOS & PCOD Management. A powerful hormone balancing blend of 100% natural & pure herbs to help with the many frustrating symptoms of PCOS, PCOD and hormonal imbalance.

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Tea for Balanced Body Cycles
Are your periods annoyingly irregular?
Is weight management becoming a regular issue?
Scalp hair thinning without any reason?
Facing excessive body hair growth?

So you have one of those “women issues” that are whispered out in the hallways. We are here to shatter the silence and give a huge shout out to all PCOS/PCOD women that conquer frequent breakouts, weight fluctuations and those midnight crying sessions.

From PCOS, PCOD, heavy periods, fertility issues to menopause. What don’t women go through? At different junctures in life, your body needs a little extra support. We are right at your service to provide everything you need to take care of yourself like a queen!

Backed by months of extensive research done by leading experts & multiple quality checks, HER Tea helps cherish your inner self.

Interesting Trivia
Kali Musli- Helps in liver detoxification and improves fertility
Shatavari- Encourages normal development of ovarian follicles
Katha- Blood purification and skin rejuvenation
Amla- Regulates menstrual cycle
Jamun Bark- Helps with Weight Loss
Gokhru- Treats PCOS
Lodhra- Reduces heavy menstrual bleeding
Ashoka- Keeps uterus healthy
Pippali- Relieves menstrual problems
Musta – Stimulate menstrual flow and reduce body fat
Stevia- Natural Sweetener, regulates blood pressure
Peppermint- Manages stress and anxiety
Blue Pea Flower- Improves skin health and reduces hair fall

Natural & Pure. Caffeine Free. No Sugar. 100% Vegan

30 Days | 13 Herbs | 2 Cups Daily

Easy to Add in Your Daily Routine

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Her Health,
Her Hormones,
Her Tea !!


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